2015-2016 Interest Groups

Interest Groups 2014-5

These groups serve the mission of providing a community of friendship to our members. Dates, times and locations are published monthly in the AFF newsletter, Housecall.

Book Group

Meets monthly, the second Thursday of the month, from 12:30-2:30 PM, at a member's home or restaurant to discuss a book. The title of the book is announced monthly in Housecall. Coordinator: Carol Schneidereit

Bridge Bunch

For members who support each other's quest to learn and play bridge. Meets two days each month, from 10 am to 1 pm with the host providing snacks. Instructional Day is the first Monday of each month: our mentor guides us through various card scenarios. This is the perfect starting point for someone who wants to learn the game. Play Day is the third Wednesday during winter months/third Monday during summer months; we play bridge, switching partners every four hands. Coordinators: Sue Demers and Jaque Repke

Cocktails & Conversation

For members who would like to meet monthly for cocktails and conversation at rotating members' homes.  Coordinator: Patty Deutsch

GTKY (Getting To Know You) Luncheons

Held on the third Tuesday of each month at area restaurants.  This provides an opportunity to meet new AFF members and renew old friendships.  Interested participants can sign up by replying to the Housecall GTKY article for that month or by replying to an email sent out shortly before the lunch.  All members and guests are welcome. Coordinator: Sue Demers 

Golf Group

Coordinator: Irene Youngman

Gourmet Group

Currently seeking to create a second group of couples to participate monthly in a planned dinner at rotating homes. Coordinator: Rebecca Boehmer

Hospital Programs

Women's Health Program and Children's Hospital Tour.  Coordinator: Beth Herman 

Knitting Group

Coordinator: Betty Rigberg

Splash Packs

Coordinator: Debra Suri

Follow this link for more information on AFF programs and committees.