Graduate Alumni Weekend 2013

Penn State College of Medicine has a rich history of graduating outstanding researchers and scientists, many of whom have gone on to successful careers in health care and industry. As part of our efforts to reconnect with our graduate alumni, the College of Medicine is hosting a Graduate Alumni Weekend this spring.

The two-day celebration is scheduled for March 1-2, 2013, beginning with the twenty-fifth annual Graduate Student Research Forum and culminating with alumni celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation from the College of Medicine, and therefore, the inaugural induction into the Lois W. Forney Society.
The Graduate Student Research Forum, affectionately referred to as Forum, is sponsored by the College of Medicine Graduate Student Association with a primary goal of promoting interaction and the exchange of ideas between students, faculty, and alumni. Forum introduces students to the format generally used at scientific meetings, and it provides an opportunity to recognize excellence in graduate research at Penn State College of Medicine. Alumni and faculty are invited to serve as evaluators for the research presentations on Friday, March 1.
“We look forward to having our alumni come back as evaluators to interact with students and see firsthand the quality of research they are performing,” said Michael F. Verderame, Ph.D., associate dean for graduate studies and a professor of medicine. “This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to connect with alumni who are in the fields they are interested in pursuing and in the long term, we hope our alumni serve as a resource for our students now and in their future careers.”
“Forum provides a great opportunity for students to practice skills they’ll need in their future careers,” said Graduate Student Association president Dominique Leitner. “We are trying to expand on the opportunities that are available to students at Forum, and we would like to include more involvement from alumni and the community.”
The second day of the celebration includes the inaugural induction ceremony for the Lois W. Forney Society. This society was created to honor graduate alumni celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation. The name was chosen as a tribute to the College of Medicine’s first degree recipient, Lois W. Forney, who earned her Master of Science degree in physiology in 1969. As this is the inaugural year, the ceremony honors all graduate alumni that have already celebrated their thirtieth anniversary, in addition to those celebrating it this year.
Verderame views this weekend as an opportunity to engage College of Medicine graduate alumni in a new way. “Our hope is that alumni come back, remember, and celebrate the education they received here, see all the changes that have taken place, and leave here wanting to serve as advocates for our graduate programs.”
This celebration coincides with Penn State’s celebration of 150 years of graduate education. “This is a wonderful reminder we are part of a great tradition of educating graduate students stretching back 150 years,” said Verderame.

Watch your mailbox for more information on the Graduate Alumni Weekend. Interested in participating as an evaluator for Forum? Please click here and complete the form. We look forward to seeing you in March!

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