A Glimpse of the Class of 2015

In 2011 one out of six students applying for entrance to medical school in the United States applied to the Penn State College of Medicine. This statistic is noteworthy and speaks to the reputation and caliber of education of our institution.

Alumni can be proud of the 143 members of the Class of 2015, who are some of the best and brightest students to ever attend the College of Medicine matriculating with an average grade point average of 3.72 and MCAT of 29.

There are 77 females and 66 males in the incoming class and 59 percent (or 84) are from Pennsylvania. The next highest represented state is California with 12. Students representing a total of 23 states and six foreign countries were selected from 76 different undergraduate institutions.

Fourteen students completed their undergraduate training with multiple majors and 8 members of the incoming class have advanced degrees. Twenty-two members of the incoming class did their undergraduate work at Penn State, while six students came to central PA for medical school after earning their bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Finally, this group has a demonstrated commitment to helping others; including 109 incoming students who were hospital volunteers.