Each examinee is allowed 10 minutes to complete an OSCE station. Thereafter the examinee has to leave the room and move on to the next station. Two minutes before the end of a station, there is a warning from the evaluator that the evaluation is about to end.  A few minutes are provided between OSCE stations, to allow candidates to move from room to room, and for the evaluator to prepare the OSCE station for the next candidate.

Every OSCE station is set up in a different room, labeled A, B or C.  The allocation of ILMA, FOB, or Cricothyroidotomy to a room is arbitrary. A sign is placed on the door of the room with the letter (A, B, or C) and “do not enter – exam in progress”. Click here for copies of the signs (room A, room B, room C).

During the pre-examination briefing the candidates are instructed to follow an alphabetical sequence, looping back to room A following room C.

In order to protect the equipment from being stolen, we informed the security  at our institution, who provided surveillance of the area.