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Do you participate in ERAS?
Yes.  All applications must be received through ERAS.

How many positions will you have open this year?
We will recruit 17 PGY1 (categorical) positions each year through the NRMP Match process. All applications must be submitted through ERAS. Please refer to our program information listed in FREIDA online for further information.

How many individuals do you interview each year?
We typically interview 180-200 individuals each year.

What is your application deadline?
December 31st. You are invited to check the status of your application by simply calling the Residency Coordinator at 800-206-7718 or e-mail through MyERAS. All email correspondence is requested through MyERAS to avoid any delays.

What are the minimum requirements?
Your application will be reviewed in its entirety. However, we prefer to see:

  • US clinical experience is not required; however, anesthesia electives and/or anesthesia experience is preferred
  • USMLE Step 1/COMLEX 1 is required to be selected for an interview. Step 2 is not absolutely essential for a PGY1 position, but is recommended and may enhance your application. USMLE Scores no less than 200 (80%) (and COMLEX of 500 or higher for Osteopathic graduates). Osteopathic graduates are encouraged to take USMLE Step 1.
  • Three letters of recommendation, Dean's letter, medical school transcripts, Curriculum Vitae, and personal statement
  • ECFMG certification must be supplied before you begin as a resident

Is there a limit to the number of times an applicant can attempt Step 1 or Step 2?
There is no official limit for attempting Step 1 or Step 2; however, the number of times you have taken the exam may impact your application. An invitation to interview will be based on your entire application and not simply your exam scores.

If I have taken COMLEX, is the USMLE required?
The USMLE is not required if you have taken COMLEX. Your application will be reviewed in its entirety. USMLE Step 1 is encouraged as it will add to your qualifications.

What Visas do you sponsor?
The institution currently accepts residents on J-1 visas only; however, the application process and applicable fees are your responsibility.

Is there a cut off date of medical school graduation?
The Residency Recruitment Team prefers to see graduation from medical school within five years of submitting your ERAS application. However, this is dependent upon what clinical/research experience you have had since graduating from medical school.

When will you be conducting interviews?
We will begin our interview process late-October and finish by mid-January. Formal interviews will be scheduled on Mondays and Fridays with a group dinner arranged the evening prior. An informal dinner will be hosted by an assigned resident host accompanied by a few additional residents and available spouses. The interview day will start off with a tour of the institution, an information session with our Department Chair, our Program Director, and Associate Program Director. Formal interview sessions will follow. The sessions are designed to familiarize the applicant with the department, the staff, our world renowned Simulation Center, and the hospital environment. The interview day will also include an open discussion luncheon between the applicants and available residents and faculty.  For more detailed information, please refer to our Interview page

Do you reimburse travel expenses for the interview process?
Although we cannot reimburse you for travel costs incurred to interview at Hershey, we will pay for one night's lodging to accommodate our two-half day interview process as well as providing appropriate meals during your visit. Arrangements to extend your hotel stay may be available at a discounted rate.

How many residents are in your program?
We are a mid-sized program consisting of 61 residents ranging from PGY-1 to PGY-4. We are gradually increasing to a total of 68 (17 per class). Our program is a diversified program consisting of highly qualified American and International graduates.

What fellowships do you offer?
We currently offer ACGME-accredited fellowships in Pain Management, Critical Care Medicine, Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, and Pediatric Anesthesia. We plan to begin a Regional Anesthesia Fellowship once applications can be accepted with the ACGME.

Do you offer Out of the Match positions?
Due to NRMP Match policy, we can no longer offer out of the Match positions for PGY-1 or PGY-2 candidates.

Do you offer Couples Matches?
If you have been invited to interview and are couples matching with an applicant interviewing with another department at Penn State Hershey, we will be happy to help coordinate with the other department as much as possible. Please contact our office about your partner's interview as we may not have the information.

If you are couples matching with another applicant in Anesthesia and have been invited to interview, we will make every attempt to schedule both interviews for the same session. Each applicant will be ranked appropriately based on individual qualifications and not solely on a couples match.

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