Resident International Experience

Penn State Hershey Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Resident International Experience

The goal of the International Experience is to support outstanding anesthesiology residents with interest in outreach and medical mission services. Our great, cherished friend and mentor Dr. Katie Donahue graciously supports our passion for giving back to the world with the Dr. Katie Donahue Resident International Anesthesia Endowment, also supported with alumni and friends. This endowment funds the resident with designated travel opportunities such as those outlined below. Our goals are to provide acute care for the patients as well as create long term relationships, and assist in solutions for education, research, and clinical care with local people. More opportunities are also available for discussion.

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1. Operation Smile - Vietnam

  1. Fall or Spring
  2. Medical mission
  3. This is a 12 day clinical opportunity for a Pgy-4 resident or pediatric anesthesia fellow to provide anesthesia for children with cleft lips and palates under supervision by Dr. McQuillan and/or Drs. Prozesky, Barbieri, or Dhar.
  4. Anesthetic environment: teams of in-country, regional, and international credentialed volunteers work together with interpreters. Equipment includes local and imported supplies that meet their Global Standards of Care, state-of-the art sophisticated equipment. Practices, equipment, and anesthesia are standardized, regardless of geographical location. Operating rooms are equipped with the most up to date supplies.
  5. Most recent sites have included Vietnam and China

2. ASA- Global Health Outreach (GHO)- Ethiopia

  1. September, January, and/or March
  2. International Anesthesia Rotation
  3. These are 3 separate one month rotations for a PGY-4 resident (or PGY-3 eligible for Call Chief) at the CURE Hospital in Addis Ababa under direct supervision of the American Anesthesia Program Director
  4. This includes clinical care of pediatric orthopedic patients in the operating room, active involvement in the ongoing outcomes research project investigating postoperative mortality, and teaching of Ethiopian masters students.
  5. Anesthetic environment: this is a state of the art 35 bed hospital established in 2008 using modern equipment and monitoring of the caliber which we are familiar here at Penn State

3. Casa de Luz/Island Impact- Dominican Republic

  1. Spring
  2. Medical Mission
  3. This is a one week clinical opportunity for a Pgy-4 resident to provide anesthesia for children and adults for ophthalmologic cases under supervision by Dr. Grap and/or Dr. Vuong
  4. Anesthetic environment: this is an austere environment in a public hospital with severe shortages. You will use old, unfamiliar anesthesia machines as well as our portable Glostavent. Agents include sevoflurane, halothane, and nalbuphine. Cases are outpatient, healthy track, ASA 1-2. All general anesthetics require LMA and spontaneous breathing in light of a sparsely equipped ICU for backup.


4. SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship – rotating locations

  1. Spring
  2. International Anesthesia Rotation
  3. These are 3-4 week external trips to provide and teach anesthesia; applications are through the SEA-HVO website.
  4. Anesthetic environment: these are carefully chosen sites developed with the SEA-HVO and Dr. Mets, and our former residents have had excellent experiences. Most recent experience was at the largest public general hospital in Ethiopia.


The competitive international opportunities will be awarded to residents for travel in their PGY-4 year or latter portion of PGY3 year based on the following:

  1. Outreach interest
  2. Clinical performance including competence and satisfactory progression as judged by the Clinical Competency Committee
  3. Academic performance including pass of ABA Basic Examination and in-service training exam scores greater than the 50th percentile
  4. Completion of pediatric anesthesia rotation

Application and Selection Process

  1. Submit an application to include the following items
    1. Statement of your career goals
    2. Updated Curriculum Vitae
  2. The International Experience Selection Committee will review all applications and interview selected residents.