Our Providers

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  • Sonia Vaida, MD
    Professor of Anesthesiology & OB-GYN
    Vice Chair of Research
    Director, Obstetric Anesthesia
  • Victor Ruiz-Velasco, PhD
    Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Neural & Behavioral Sciences, and Pharmacology
  • Kathleen Gingrich, BS
    Research Program Manager
  • Ruth Jarbadan, BS
    Research Technician
  • Diane McCloskey, PhD
    Research Compliance Specialist 3
  • Christine Mulvey
    Clinical Research Coordinator

Administrative Support for Research

  • Pam Myers
    Administrative Staff Assistant IV

Faculty Research Committee




Vice Chairs
  • Jill Eckert, DO
     Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
     Vice Chair for Education
  • Patrick M. McQuillan, MD
    Professor of Anesthesiology & Pediatrics
    Vice Chair for Patient Care
    Director, Pediatric Anesthesia
    Director, ASA Service
  • Sonia J. Vaida, MD
    Professor of Anesthesiology & OB-GYN
    Vice Chair for Research
    Director, Obstetrical Anesthesiology


Associate Vice Chairs


  • Vitaly Gordin, MD
    Professor of Anesthesiology
    Associate Vice Chair of Chronic Pain Management
    Director, Chronic Pain Management
  • Elizabeth H. Sinz, MD
    Professor of Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine, and Neurosurgery
    Vice Chair of Simulation
    Director, Fellowship Education
    Director of Simulation Development and Cognitive Science Laboratory


Residency Program
  • Jill Eckert, DO
    Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
    Vice Chair of Resident Education
    Residency Program Director
  • Carolyn Barbieri, MD
    Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

    Associate Residency Program Director 

 Administrative Support

  • Jennifer Swierczynski, BS
    Residency Program Coordinator, II
  • Douglas McDonald
    Residency Program Coordinator, I


Administrative Staff
  • Michael Bahry, BS, MSSM
    Operations Director 
  • Susan Brandt
    Clinical Anesthesiology Coordinator
  • Kiersten Bricker, BS
    Critical Care Fellowship Coordinator
  • Meredith Fausey-Kreider
    Data Analyst
  • Gail Frohnert
    Administrative Associate
  • Kathleen Gingrich, BS
    Director of Finance
    Manager, Research
  • Jennifer Jacovino
    Assistant to the Chair
  • Jackie Lamendola, BSBA, RN
     Quality Program Manager
  • Pam Myers
    Administrative Support Assistant IV
  • Linda Sanger, BS
    Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship Coordinator
    Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Coordinator 
  • Kelly Shaak
    Projects Specialist 
  • Megan Showers
  • Ashley Trumbo
    Administrative Associate
  • Connie Williard
    Pain Medicine Fellowship Coordinator 
  • Nancy Zell, B. HUM.
    Financial and Accounting Assistant


  • Shaik Begum, CPC
    Certified Professional Coder
    Professional Services Abstract Coder
  • Beth Fetzer, CPC
    Certified Professional Coder
    Professional Services Abstract Coder 


  • Sandy Morrow, CPC
    Certified Professional Coder
    Professional Services Abstract Coder II