Pediatric Orthopaedics

Quite Cast Saw
Click to learn more about how our Children's Miracle Network funds purchased a Quiet Cast Saw that removes a child's cast in half the time of a traditional cast remover. It is also significantly quieter, which helps to minimize a child's emotional stress.

Our pediatric specialists have the advanced training necessary to treat neuromuscular disorders such as muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, spinal deformities in children and adolescents, complex limb deformities, scoliosis and limb length discrepancies. And their research background with pediatric hip disorders, spinal deformities, and experience with pediatric trauma allow them to provide care that is truly world class.  The Pediatric Orthopaedics specialty program ranks in the US News and World Report top 50 orthopaedics centers for Children.

Our physicians are members of Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America and Scoliosis Research Society.  

And, they are backed by the full resources of Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital. Staffed with a full complement of pediatric medical and surgical specialists, it houses the region's only pediatric intensive care unit.

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Appointments or referrals can be made directly by calling Penn State Hershey Bone and Joint Institute at 717-531-7123 or Careline at 717-531-6955 or 800-243-1455.

If you are a physician making a referral, you may call Penn State MD Network at 717-531-5880 or 800-233-4082.


Hospital Admissions and Billing

While you are a patient at Penn State Hershey, we want to do everything possible to make your surgery and stay convenient and comfortable. If you are scheduled for admission to our hospital, you may want to review the following list of questions about our admissions and billing procedures before you arrive.



Patients are pre-admitted by their surgical coordinator at the outpatient clinic. The coordinator is responsible for obtaining your financial information and scheduling your admission time to Penn State Hershey. He or she can also answer any questions you have about insurance. Additionally, your physician may request some tests to be done before you are admitted. The surgical coordinator or your doctor’s office will arrange for an appointment to have the tests completed on an outpatient basis.



On the day you are scheduled for admission, you will check-in at the Admissions Office, located near the hospital’s main lobby. Patients should make plans for someone to drive them to Penn State Hershey. Parents must accompany patients who are younger than 18 years old. Once you have checked in, a patient services representative will show you to your room where you will be introduced to your nurse and given an admissions information packet. If you were admitted through the Emergency Department, you will be assigned a bed by the operating room. A patient services representative will contact you once you have been assigned your room.



Be prepared to provide your identification, insurance card and any necessary deductible or insurance copayment. If you are admitting a child, you will need to provide the hospital with written consent to provide your child with medical care. Guardians must bring legal proof of guardianship.

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What do I need to bring with me to the Admissions Office?


Where do I go the day of my surgery?


How am I admitted to the hospital?