Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Program Leaders:  Craig Meyers, Ph.D. and Jeffrey Peters, Ph.D.

Specific Aims:

Aim 1: To gain a better understanding of oncogenic viral infections, replication, structure, and pathogenesis to better guide designs to prevent, treat, and cure their associated cancers, and to monitor immune responses or lack of response in patients across all stages of carcinogenesis to better understand the relationship of carcinogenesis with changes in immune status.

Aim 2: To elucidate the molecular mechanisms of chemical and environmental-induced carcinogenesis and the impact of genetic/dietary/environmental interactions on cancer susceptibility. The emphasis of this theme is directed toward DNA damage and repair, the role of soluble receptors, and unique mechanisms of inflammation in the carcinogenesis process.

Aim 3: To develop mechanism-based synthetic and naturally-occurring chemo preventive agents through the identification of critical targets and determine the efficacy and mechanisms of chemo preventive agents in combination with nutritional manipulation, and to develop oncolytic virus-based and immunological approaches for the treatment of human cancer.

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