Our Mission

We are Child Life professionals committed to helping children and families prepare for, adjust to, and cope with the potential stressors of the healthcare setting.

We are dedicated to advocating for the well-being of our patients and their families through therapeutic play, education, and emotional support.

We are the Penn State Hershey Child Life Program. 

Your Child's Hospital Stay

Our goal is for your child and family to be comfortable while you are staying at Penn State Children's Hospital. Sleeping arrangements for parents and caregivers vary depending on your child's unit and medical care needs, however, at least one parent or caregiver may stay overnight with their child in our Intensive Care, Intermediate Care, Acute Care, and Hematology/Oncology units.  We recommend that you bring along your child's blanket, stuffed animal, or other comfort item to make their hospital stay more comfortable.

While you are at the Children's Hospital many resources will be available.  A Welcome Packet of information and resources will be provided to you upon your admission to the Children's Hospital.  Resources include family laundry, family lounges, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Playrooms are available for our pediatric patients and siblings.  For your child's safety, a parent, adult family member, or other responsible adult must be present with patients and siblings ages 12 years and under in all playroom areas at all times.  Special activities occur in each unit during the day.  Pediatric patients and their siblings are welcome to attend.  Please talk to a member of the Child Life team for more information.

The Teen Lounges are available for pediatric patients and siblings ages 13 through 18.  Computers, video games, books, and crafts are available for use.

No latex balloons are allowed within the hospital. Flowers may not be permitted within certain units of the hospital. Please check with staff prior to bringing flowers to a patient room.