Graduate Year Location Position
Ron Williams, MD 1993 Hershey, PA Med/Peds Residency Program Director, Penn State
Steve Halm, DO 1993 West Virginia Simulation Lab Director, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Tina Wagner, MD 1994 Harrisburg, PA Med/Peds Practice, Pinnacle Health System
Gerry Fronko, MD 1995 Harrisburg, PA Emergency Medicine, Pinnacle Health System
Renee Valach, MD 1996 Gabon, Africa International Hospital Medicine
Tom Tosto, MD 1996 Texas Med/Peds Private Practice
Beth Ann Magnifico, DO 1997 Ohio Palliative Care
Dan Kahler, DO 1998 San Francisco, CA Med/Peds Private Practice
Lisa Scalzi Beck, MD 1998 Hershey, PA Pediatric Rheumatology, Penn State
Becky (Holmes) Johnson, MD 1998 Seattle, WA Genetics & Peds Heme-Onc, University of Washington
Joseph Geskey, DO 1999 Columbus, OH Chief Medical Officer, OhioHealth Doctors Hospital
Darlene Miranda, MD 1999 Florida Private Practice Med/Peds
Lorraine Yeung, MD 1999 Atlanta, GA Public Health at CDC
Anne Kantner, MD 2000 Hershey, PA Primary Care Med/Peds, Penn State
Keith Rice, MD 2000 Harrisburg, PA Cardiology, Private Practice
Steve Strausbaugh, MD 2000 Cleveland, OH Pulmonary Critical Care & CF
Mike Beck, MD 2000 Hershey, PA Pediatric Hospitalist, Penn State
Michelle David-Hugues, MD 2001 Harrisburg, PA Neonatologist, Pinnacle Health System
Tiffany Mullins, MD 2001 Baltimore, MD Emergency Medicine
Bryan Robertson, MD 2001 Pittsburgh, PA Cardiology, Private Practice
Brian Rifkin, M.D. 2002 Mississippi Nephrology, Private Practice
Thomas Cody, M.D. 2002 Plymouth, MA Private Practice
Gretchen Zima, M.D. 2002 Florida Infectious Diseases
Michael Cratty, M.D. 2002 Pittsburgh, PA Hospitalist, Allegheny General Hospital
Beverly (Pennino) Riley, M.D. 2002 York, PA Primary Care Med/Peds
Margaret I. Mikula, MD 2003 Hershey, PA Pediatric Hospitalist, Penn State
Patricia Park, MD 2003 Los Angeles, CA Endocrinology
Mary Rose Puthiyamadam, MD 2003 New York Private Practice
Rachel Causak, MD 2004 Lebanon, PA Attending Internist, Lebanon VA Medical Center
John Giardino, MD 2004 Marlton, NJ Private Practice
Alexandra Boyadjan, MD. 2005 Wilmington, DE Allergy-Immunology
Barbara O'dell-Mincarelli, MD 2005 Jamestown, N.Y. Private Practice Med/Peds
Ali N. Zaidi, MD 2005 Columbus, OH Med/Peds Cardiology
Nick Rider, DO 2006 Houston, TX Allergy and Immunology, Baylor
Robert Meya, MD 2006 Bay Pines, FL Bay Pines VAMC
Crystal Zalonis, MD 2006 Hershey, PA Infectious Diseases, Penn State
Michael Lioudis, MD 2007 Cleveland, OH Nephrology
Michael Ratz, MD 2007 Pawleys Island, NC Primary Care Med/Peds
Tara L. Barto, MD 2008 Houston, TX Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine/Transitional Medicine, Baylor
Robert McCauley, MD 2008 Allentown, PA Endocrinology
Amy E. DiPietro, M.D. 2009 Houston, TX Pediatric Cardiology
Michael L. Lunn, D.O. 2009 Portland, ME Allergy/Immunology
Michelle T. Pahl, M.D. 2009 Silver City, NM Primary Care Med/Peds
Sarah S. Warehime, M.D. 2009 Portage, PA Primary Care Med/Peds
Teresa M. (Jones) Ayela-Uwangue, M.D. 2010 Winslow, AZ Primary Care Med/Peds
Lowell R. Korman, M.D. 2010 Los Angeles, CA Hospitalist
Vidya Raju, M.D. 2010 Saugas, MA Primary Care Med/Peds
Steven Khov, D.O. 2011 Lancaster, PA Pulm/Critical Care, Lancaster General Hospital
Matthew Measel, M.D 2011 Bentonville, AR Hospitalist
Amy O'Gurek, M.D. 2011 Lebanon, PA Hospitalist, Lebanon VA Medical Center
Barbara Sewerin, D.O 2011 Miami, FL Locum Tenens
Jeremy Jarecke, D.O. 2012 Colorado Springs, CO Outpatient Medicine/Pediatrics and Urgent Care
Aaron Knudson, D.O. 2012 Page, AZ Combined Inpatient/outpatient Med/Peds, Banner Page Hospital
Anuradha Sharma, M.D. 2012 Allentown, PA Infectious Disease, Lehigh Valley Medical Center
Emily Sim, D.O. 2012 Frederick, MD Hospitalist, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Frederick Memorial Hospital
Johnny Do, M.D. 2013 Spokane, WA Hospitalist, Internal Medicine, Holy Family Memorial Hospital
Candice Fortunato, M.D. 2013 Las Vegas, NV Hospitalist, St. Rose Hospitals and Pediatric Group at Sunrise Children's Hospital
Wendy Ng, M.D. 2013 Vancouver, WA Hospitalist, Internal Medicine, Legacy Salmon Creek

Jennifer Nguyen, D.O.

2013 Lancaster, PA Hospitalist, Internal Medicine, Lancaster General Hospital
Susan Arvan, D.O 2014 Meridian, CT Outpatient Med/Peds, Community Health Center
Michael Stefanski, M.D. 2014 Hershey, PA Pulmonary & Critical Care fellowship, Penn State
Arun Kannappan, M.D. 2015 Chapel Hill, NC Pulmonary & Critical Care fellowship, UNC
Berthrand Onuoha, M.D. 2015 Orangeburg, SC Med/Peds Hospitalist, Regional Medical Center
Kathleen Pitterle, D.O. 2015 Boston, MA Development fellowship, Tufts University
Laura Viscome, D.O. 2015 Hershey, PA Med/Peds Hospitalist, Penn State