Pediatric Innovation Program

The Pediatric Innovation Program is a collaboration of Penn State Children’s Hospital, Penn State  University and industrial partners that focuses on improving the development of technology for infants and children. The program provides a forum for clinicians, engineers, and industry to exchange ideas with the goal of innovating clinically relevant technology for rapid translation into clinical solutions.

“The responsibility for seeking enhancements in medical technology is born by those who deliver medical care. The ability to provide innovative technology for solving clinical imperatives can best be achieved by those privy to the full repertoire of emerging technology, hence the need for collaboration.”


Charles Palmer, M.B., Ch.B.
Professor of Pediatrics, Penn State Children’s Hospital
Founder, Pediatric Innovation Program

Program Goals

The Pediatric Innovation Program maximizes the potential for research and innovation by creating an environment where people from many disciplines and institutions can collaborate to develop technology that will enhance the care provided to infants and children and improve their long-term outlook.

The program’s goals are simple:


  • To create an organization that will promote collaboration and innovation between emerging technology and academic pediatrics.
  • To efficiently leverage resources, encourage relevant industrial partnerships and associations to facilitate the transfer of intellectual property, and distribute the fruits of innovation.
  • To facilitate the innovation of technology that will enhance the care delivered to newborn infants and children through support of research, device development and rapid prototyping.
  • To serve as a national resource for enhancing technological innovation for neonatal health care delivery.
  • To provide learning opportunities in the process of applied technology development for Penn State students and faculty.