Understanding Research


Basic Research is information gathered from basic science research is essential for translating or applying new discoveries to patient care.


Translational Research is bringing discovery directly from the bench to innovation in patient care.

NIH has initiated a Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program, which will transform and advance clinical and translational science as a distinct discipline within a definable academic home. Since the RFA will be issued annually, academic health centers such as Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (that has a funded GCRC) can build on existing resources and migrate into this new integrated program over a period of years. A one-time planning grant RFA has been announced to give institutions more time to prepare to apply for a CTSA that will be submitted in March, 2006. The CTSA program will build on existing programs by reconfiguring, and adding to, certain NIH awards (NCRR GCRC [M01], K12, K30, and Roadmap T32 and K12) held by the applicant institution and its affiliates.


Clinical research is a component of medical and health research intended to produce knowledge essential for understanding human disease, preventing and treating illness, and promoting health.

For more information, visit our Clinical Trials website.

Wellness & health improvement go beyond treatment models for chronic conditions by developing, investigating, and applying models to incorporate the promotion of healthy behaviors and prudent utilization of preventive services.

  • promotion of healthy behaviors (e.g., nutrition, physical activity) to modify risk factors for certain chronic conditions
  • development of innovative roles for non-physician practitioners in achieving improved health outcomes for target populations
  • development of programs to enable early detection of certain chronic health problems
  • development and testing of innovative prevention strategies
  • modification of physician prescribing patterns focusing on evidence-based improvements