Molecular Graphics


 PDB  The protein structure database of atom coordinates.
 RasMol  Free structure viewing program for Macintosh, UNIX and PC
 computers. Extremely powerful and very highly recommended. Can be
 linked to web viewer programs as a plugin.
 SwissPdbViewer  Free structure viewing program for Macintosh and UNIX computers.
 Particularly useful for overlaying structures.
 FSSP: Families of structurally
 similar proteins
 Database of structural alignments of proteins in the Protein Data Bank.
 FSSP contains an extended structural family for each of 330
 representative protein chains. Comparisons are based only on 3D
 coordinates and derived using objective structural comparison
 HSSP: Homology derived
 secondary structures of
 HSSP bases structural comparisons on sequence information as well
 as 2D and 3D structural information Alignment statistics are generated
 for each protein of known structure.
 JoY: Protein Structure and
 Alignment Analysis
 JoY annotates sequence alignments with structural information
 including secondary structure, solvent accessibility and hydrogen
 bonding patterns.
 Cambridge Database of
 Protein Alignments
 Organized as Structural
 Database of protein alignments categorized into superfamilies and
 annotated to display secondary structure, solvent accessibility and
 hydrogen bonding patterns.
 Library of Protein Family
 List of average core structures computed from structural assignments
 of protein family sequences.
 NIH Guide to Molecular
 Modeling Gateway
 Provides links to fundamental model building information and
 Swiss-Model: Automated
 Knowledge-Based Protein

 Protein modeling server at the GLAXO Institute for Molecular Biology in
 Geneva. Attempts to align submitted protein sequences with
 sequences extracted from the crystallographic database using FASTA,
 BLAST, SIM and CompAli. If successful, an atomic model is built for the
 query sequence.

 Image Library of Biological
 PICT images of amino acids, nucleotides, RNA, DNA, proteins and
 PSDB: Protein Structure
 Java-based display relates tertiary and secondary structure derived
 from PDB and NRL3D to primary sequence.
 Swiss-3DImage  Protein image database with links to mono and stereo GIF/JPEG/SGI
 images as well as images for interactive viewing using RasMol.