The one-week Primary Care Preceptorship enables the first-year medical student to apply the basic skills learned in the interviewing and physical diagnosis courses in an actual clinical setting. This preclinical experience provides a better understanding of the value of the basic science courses to clinical practice and prepares the first-year student for effective participation in the required clinical courses throughout medical school.





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This is a four-week ambulatory clerkship in which the student will be seeing patients in an out-patient setting under the supervision of a community preceptor. The setting will be in a rural, small town, or inner city medically-underserved area. The student will develop and refine clinical skills as they relate to the primary care setting in patient interviewing, the physical exam, patient management, patient education, and health promotion.


This is a four-week primary care-related experience that enhances a general area of the student's interest, utilizing the basic functions of primary care, i.e., personalized first contact care, comprehensive preventive care, continuity of care over time, economy of care, and coordination of referral care. The student learns to appreciate the impact that the socioeconomic and cultural dynamics of a community have on health care delivery.


  Fourth-Year Primary Care Elective Syllabus AY 2012-2013