Observation and Shadowing

High school student rotations in Dermatology


High School Juniors and Seniors from surrounding school districts


Please contact Michelle Ball at 717-531-8307 for availability which is dependent on number of rotators assigned on a monthly basis.


The goals of the experience are to introduce high school students to a medical practice and what it means to practice medicine, to gain an understanding of the preparation for a career in the medical profession, and to appreciate what it means to be a patient.

  • Practice of Medicine: Students will observe physician and staff interactions with patients.
  • Preparation: Students will be able to discuss with physicians their experiences in medical school, the process of finding and completing a residency, as well as practice option following training. Students also have the opportunity to speak with our nurses and administrative staff about their training.
  • Patients: Students will meet patients and observe the practice of medicine, including the variety of conditions, diagnostic tools, and therapies.


Students will spend one week (5 business days) in the dermatology clinic. Each day the students will work with one of the physicians from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please see the Office of Academic Placement for more information, requirements, and policies.