• Routine Specimen Processing and Interpreting
    • Consult Services
    • Immunoperoxidase Studies
    • Direct Immunofluorescent Studies
    • Clinical Pathologic Correlation with Submitted Pictures
    • Horizontal Sections for Alopecia
    • Gene Rearrangement Studies


The dermatopathology laboratory offers the following advantages:

    • Readily accessible staff via phone or hospital operator
    • Local courier pickup
    • Federal Express accounts for Dermatologists outside of the courier's range
    • Rapid turn around on routine specimens
    • Complete patient billing
    • Complete supply of canisters and formalin bottles for shipping
    • Biopsy results can be faxed, mailed, phoned in or accessed via computer
    • Acceptance of most insurance carriers.

For more information, please refer to the Dermatopathology website.

For questions or additional information about the dermatopathology laboratory, please phone 1-800-356-9580 or (717) 531-6875 or Fax (717) 531-4278.