Do You Need Help

Are you being abused?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be a victim of domestic abuse. Remember, when one person scares, hurts, tries to control, or continually puts down another person, it is abuse.
Does your partner....

  • Embarrass or make fun of you in front of your friends or family?
  • Put down your accomplishments or goals?
  • Make you feel like you are unable to make decisions?
  • Use intimidation or threats to gain compliance?
  • Treat you roughly - grab, push, pinch, shove or hit you?
  • Call you several times a night or show up to make sure you are where you said you would be?
  • Use drugs or alcohol as an excuse for saying hurtful things or abusing you?
  • Pressure you sexually for things you aren’t ready for?
  • Make you feel like there "is no way out" of the relationship?

Do You...

  • Sometimes feel scared of how your partner will act?
  • Constantly make excuses to other people for your partner’s behavior?
  • Believe that you can help your partner change if only you changed something about yourself?
  • Try not to do anything that would cause conflict or make your partner angry?
  • Feel like no matter what you do, your partner is never happy with you?
  • Always do what your partner wants you to do instead of what you want?
  • Stay with your partner because you are afraid of what your partner would do if you broke up?

If You Need Help

If you are in the Hershey, Pennsylvania area and need someone to talk to about your safety you can contact:

717-238-7273 (24 hour hotline)
Or toll free 1-800-654-1211

Judy J. Walter
Domestic and Sexual Violence Medical Advocate

Judy Walter works at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center as a medical advocate and counselor for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Some of the services she provides include:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Individual Counseling for victims and their children
  • Accompaniments (accompanying victims to court hearings, hospitals, and police stations)
  • Referrals to the following programs and services:
    • Support Groups
    • Legal Center
    • Supervised Visitation Services
    • Employment Services
    • Immigrant Outreach Programs
    • Domestic Violence Shelter
    • Professional in-services