EKG Programs for Current Students

EKGs to practice interpretation skills with answers

 MS3 HyperGram program and EKGs

TCM EKG Material


Explanation of EKG materials

Yellowcard to print




  • Lectures
  • Clinical didactics
  • TBL or Flipped Classroom Sessions
  • Small Group Facilitator in Humanities, EBM, or SBL <1 semester
  • PBL facilitator for <4 weeks
  • Facilitator for Medical Science, Systems, or Humanities Sessions during Clerkships
  • Course Director for Third and Fourth Year Electives


  • Clinical Mentor for 3rd and 4th year Students
  • Medical Student Research Mentor
  • Research Electives


  • Interest Group Faculty Advisers

Teaching in the context of taking care of patients (billable time)

  • Hospital Attending
  • Surgical Attending
  • Attending for Acting Intern
  • Clinical Electives (years 3 and 4)
  • Outpatient Preceptor - Student in Physician's Office

Assessment and evaluation of student performance

  • Medical Student Portfolio Reviews
  • Essay Exam Grader or OSCE Write-up Grader
  • Observation and Review of Histories/Physicals/Write-ups
  • Simulation
  • PBL Peer-Faculty Observer
  • Admissions Interviewing

Advancing education through committee/administrative work

  • Medical Education Committee membership (e.g. OSCE, CUMED, CSC, Admissions, Academic Team)
  • Committee Membership

Extraordinary Effort

(supported by educational metrics)

Medical and PA Students

Leadership responsibility in Course or Clerkship

  • Block Course Directors (Phase 1 Courses)
  • Longitudinal Course Directors
  • Society Heads, Advisors, and Counselors
  • Basic Science, Humanities, Public Health Science Society Fellows