Penn State Hershey Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) facilitates mentorship of students interested in Emergency Medicine, as well as provide training in basic clinical skills for all Penn State College of Medicine students.  For those students interested in Emergency Medicine, we will provide advice and counseling from faculty, shadowing opportunities, and Career Night's to make possible both professional and casual environments for interaction between students, attendings, and residents.  In addition, EMIG will sponsor training labs to teach basic clinical skills such as venipuncture, splinting, suturing, etc.  These labs are available to all College of Medicine students and staff.  They are to provide a base of knowledge, as well as a comfortable teaching and practice environment.  Through these two endeavors, we hope to provide an educational and social service to all students in the College of Medicine. For more information, please contact Lawrence Kass, M.D., Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Academics.

Above: Josh Glick's SAEM Video Presentation entitled:Improving Chest Compression Performance in Novice and Experienced Providers

Above:  Jeff Rixe's review article published in "Current Sports Medicine"

  • Co-Presidents:  Andrew Martin and Ashkan Morim
  • Treasurer:  Jonathan Bliggenstorfer
  • Secretary:  Kyle Burch
  • Board Members:  Irina Mironova, Zach Burke, David Gaiteri, Allison Weinstock, Gregory Ducach, and Rob Gyory

If you are a student at Penn State College of Medicine and would like to receive e-mail notification of our upcoming events, please email Kyle Burch,