Resident Wellness

The Penn State Emergency Medicine Residency is dedicated to ensuring resident wellness throughout the duration of residency training and the Resident Wellness Committee was established to ensure that there is a culture of wellness. The committee is supported by both the department and residency leadership.

Composition of Resident Wellness Committee:

The Resident Wellness Committee is comprised of residents from each PGY class, as well as faculty members elected by the residency. The committee plans quarterly social events that focus on specific wellness topics while providing education and non-hospital socialization.

Specific Goals of the Resident Wellness Committee:

  1. Promote a healthy work-life balance, provide physical, psychological, social and professional wellness education.
  2. Maintain a peer support and advocacy network for the residents and to recognize and safely intervene upon unhealthy behaviors.
  3. The committee also offers a safe environment for voicing any resident concerns in an anonymous fashion. After an issue has been initially communicated, the committee arranges repeated "check-ins" to make sure concerns are addressed appropriately.