Adult Advisory Council

Penn State Hershey Patient and Family Centered Care Advisory Council believes that "Caring Together As One" brings families, patients and hospital staff together to provide the best care for patients. Since 2007, the council meets monthly to promote efficiency, quality, safety, compassion and confidentiality.

The PFCC Advisory Council provides:

  • Input from the perspective of the patient and family partnership to ensure that services meet the patient/family needs
  • A forum for developing creative solutions to challenges faced by the hospital and its staff.
  • Support and access to information for patient and families, and encourages patients/families to provide feedback or suggestions to the institution.


  • Reviewed and approved new Visitation Guidelines for Hospital
  • Created brochures for the council
  • Provided input on Patient Handbook and Family Guide brochure
  • Collaborated with the Medical Center to provide Care Journals to patients/families
  • Ongoing support for The Parsonage
  • Consulted on installment of WiFi internet throughout institution
  • Sleep chairs for family members to stay with patient overnight
  • Creation of Patient/Family Mentor Program

For more information about getting involved with the Family Advisory Council for the Adult Hospital, contact Linda Schlader.