First Things

The links below provide information about the activities you need to complete during your first days in your new position. Some activities may be completed by your department staff but are included here for completeness. Contact your department Administrator if you have any questions.

For All Faculty

For Clinicians Only

  • Training and Compliance:  Physician Orientation, Billing Compliance Training, Corporate & Research Compliance Training, CIS/Connected (Powerchart) Training, Radiology Digital (IDX) Training, Human Subjects Protection Training
  • Clinical:  Scrub Access, Pager, HOSC Dictation Account, How to Access Support Services

Access and Security

 Item  Contact/Form Location  Phone  Location  Mail  Code  Fax
 ID Badge    Mon: 12:30 - 4:00 p.m.  Tues: 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.  Thurs: 7 a.m. - 12 p.m.  Fri: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.    No Appointment Needed   Email  3548  CG608  H0287  0765
 Parking Services    Mon 12:30-4:00  Tues: 2:30-4:30  Thurs: 7am-noon  Fri: 8am-noon  No Appointment Needed  Traffic and Parking  (Internal Only)  3713  CG608  H028  0765
 Keys  Complete Key Request Form  Email:  (Must be done by department  Access Control designate,  inquire with department  secretary)  Keys are ready within 3 days  5396  CG639    4429
 Safety Training  Online Safety Training  Program  (Internal Only)        



 Item  Contact/Form Location  Phone  Location  Mail
 Benefits  Employee Benefits
 College of Medicine (COM)

 Employee Benefits
 Medical Center (HMC)
 (Internal Only)
 Human Resources

 New Hire Appointment -
 Faculty Only
 Office of Human Resources -
 College of Medicine (COM)
 (Contact:  Denise Burkholder)

 Office of Human Resources -
 Medical Center (HMC)
 (Internal Only)
 Contact:  Heather Peffley (x. 6205) for
 an appointment (1 hr).
 Should meet starting week.
 8081  ASB
 A570  5535
 Lab Coats  Lab Coat Purchase
 Request Form

 (Internal Only)

To try on Lab Coats: Go to
Room TG503, ground floor, Cancer Institute.
Enter combination code
8320* to enter room, sample
coats are in cabinet.
 8321  CG708    7403
 Employee Health
 Faculty Only
Schedule Employee Health
Check Appointment
 8280    H1505  



 Item  Contact/Form Location  Phone  Location  Mail
 Business Cards  Printing Services
 (Internal Only)
 8607  ASB    
 Name Plate and Holder for
 Office Door
 Order name plate holder and
 name plate for office door
 using the Facilities Service Request Form
 (Internal Only)
 Faculty Picture -
 White Coat Required

 Make an appointment with 
 Photography. Fax completed. (Internal Only)

 8110  CG618    0755



 Item  Contact/Form Location  Phone  Location  Mail
 Phone  Call Information Technology
 (IT) to establish new
 telephone number
 Phone Purchase  Phone Purchasing Program
 (Internal Only)
 IT Account Request
 Passwords can be picked
 up at Harrell Library with
 ID Badge after notification
 Account Request Form
 (Internal Only)

 (Include Dictation account on
 request form)
 PO Box

 Additions, changes,
 deletions, etc.
 Email requests to Sam
 Louder in the Mail Room at:

 Include Employee Name,
 Department, Mail Code and
 Phone Extension
 8499  CG701  HS66  4553


Training and Compliance

 Item Contact/Form Location  Phone  Location  Mail  Code  Fax
 Billing Compliance Training Contact Work Unit Leader to  set up an appointment (1.5  hours)        
 Physician Orientation -
 Faculty Only
Enter date/time on physician  Calendar.  Contact Amelia  Brandt in the Medical Staff  Affairs Office.  7999      
 CIS Training/Connected
On-line training instructions  can be found on the CIS  website.  (Internal Only) 
Contact: Jacqueline Crum (3 hours)
 4807      6162
Radiology Digital Training
 Education and Training  (Internal Only)

 Online training (1 hour) to be  completed upon hiring
Conflict of Interest Training & Disclosure (COINS)

Training Link:  Contact Marisa Klein, Conflict of Interest Specialist at

All new faculty members must complete online training and disclosure with the first 30 days after hire date.

For further information on using the electronic disclosure system:

531-0003 x283526      
Corporate & Research
Compliance Training
 Compliance Training  (Internal Only)

 3.5 hours for providers who participate in billing/coders

 Training to be completed upon hiring on-line

 Must pick New Employed Physician job function
 Human Subjects Protection
– Faculty Only
 Any faculty or staff who are involved in IRB studies must take the basic human subject protection training.

If a faculty member is interested in becoming a Principal Investigator,
 Principles of Informed Consent Tutorial should also be taken.



 Item  Contact/Form Location  Phone  Location  Mail
 HOSC Dictation Account  Send Shelley Engle an email
 informing her to set up
 dictation account at HOSC.
 Scrub Access  Complete the Scrub Suit
 Request Form
 (Internal Only)
 8320    HS93  
 Support Services  How to Access
 Support Services