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Residency Program

Opportunity abounds at the Penn State Family Medicine Residency Program.  Supported by the resources and prestige of the nationally-recognized Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, our residents thrive in a vibrant academic environment rich in opportunities to pursue areas of special interest while learning to provide excellent, compassionate family-centered care.

Recognizing the importance of Family Medicine, in 1967 Penn State College of Medicine established the nation's first Department of Family and Community Medicine in an academic health center. Our Department continues to lead the way in Family Medicine education today. We are distinguished not only by our long history, but also by the number and talent of our faculty -- no Family Medicine Department in the nation has a larger collaborating group of faculty members, and our residents work directly alongside these esteemed physicians. Our residents learn from and are mentored by Family Physicians who are accomplished in the delivery of excellent patient care, global health, sports medicine, political advocacy, research, and education. 

A collaborative rather than an "opposed" program, our residents are integrated into pediatric and obstetric teams at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where they work and learn as peers and teammates with specialist colleagues, forming relationships with, and learning from, fellows and attending physicians who have chosen to devote their careers to medical education. These collaborative specialty experiences augment the adult, pediatric, and obstetric education that our residents receive from our own Family Physician faculty members in our outpatient sites, inpatient service, and the labor and delivery floor.

Our eight residents per year learn and practice caring, evidence-based medicine with their own patients in one of our two patient care sites, both of which have been recognized by the NCQA as Patient-Centered Medical Homes at the highest level of certification.  In these sites, residents hone clinical skills under the supervision of faculty who also see their own patients at these real-world medical offices. Throughout training, residents learn how to promote wellness for various populations, including patients with limited access to health care, through dedicated projects and visits to community organizations in our local Hershey area.

The success of our former residents speaks to the excellence of our Program. Our graduates have matched into competitive fellowships, practice competent and compassionate medical care as physicians in large cities and small towns, and have even been hired as faculty in our own Department. 

Our residents enjoy the comfortable setting of Hershey, Pennsylvania.  It is a unique and wonderful arrangement for our learners to be part of the highest level of academic achievement at an academic medical center, learning alongside other residents who are all striving to become the best doctors they can be, while living in an idyllic, small town community with varied cultural, entertainment, and outdoor attractions.

Penn State Family Medicine Program is a place where medical students of great promise develop into clinicians of excellence.  Surrounded by abundant academic resources, talented faculty, and a beautiful setting, this is a wonderful place to finish your formal training as a physician and serve as a springboard for the rest of your career.

Join us in Hershey.  It's a sweet place to learn!