Reading Requirements


The fmCASES are located at: are common presentations of common medical problems in a self-guided tutorial.  See page 13 for instructions on registering for the cases.  We decided not to re-create cases on topics that were already developed by CLIPP and SIMPLE, a total of seven cases are part of fmCASES.  These cases are there to help you learn about the topic areas.  Some students found it helpful to study from the case summary at the end of each case.  Some students found the cases to be helpful to them with patient encounters.   fmCASES serves as the "lecture series" of the family medicine clerkship.  If completed, each case would take about 45 minutes to complete.  Responses to the cases are not graded, and you are NOT required to complete the cases.  However, the final family medicine clerkship exam is based on all 40 cases.   


You are expected to do reading on the presenting problems of the patients you have encountered during this clerkship.  We recommend that you refer to the relevant clinical topics covered by the American Academy of Family Physician articles on the flash drive given to you at orientation or by going to:   You may use other textbooks and online resources.  Some suggestions are listed below.

Additional Useful References:

¦    EBM link through the George Harrell library:

¦    American Family Physician, a practice-oriented journal on common problems:

¦    Griffith's The 5-Minute Clinical Consult, - a quick review of medical conditions

¦    Connect with the AAFP Network:

¦    AAFP:  Medical School and Residency: