Core Clerkship Topics

Patient Encounters and Observed Exam Requirements

During the Family and Community Medicine Clerkship, all students are required to meet the minimum requirement for the number of patients they have seen with the defined core topics.  For example, students must see at least five patients for "preventive health" visits.  A total of five in any combination of adult physical exam, well child exam and annual pap and pelvic exam will satisfy the requirement.  Similarly, students must see three patients with "GI" complaints.  Two patients with PUD/Dyspepsia/GERD and one patient with abdominal pain would meet the requirement.

Page 7 contains a copy of the "Core Topic Requirements for Patient Encounters."  We recommend that you use this form for record keeping, but you must electronically report the encounters using the New Innovation Case Logger database.  Follow instructions given to you by the Office of Medical Education.  If you have questions about the computer program data entry, please contact Amanda McCaffrey at (717) 531-4408 in the Office of Medical Education.  For "Patient ID," use the medical record number if they have one.  If not, use patient's initials AND date of birth.  We expect all students to achieve these goals.

For your mid-clerkship meeting with your site director, print a copy of your Case Logger from New Innovations and share your progress with your site director.  If you have not seen at least 50% of the required cases, please discuss with your site director ways to meet these requirements.   

During this clerkship, students are to have direct observation by a faculty on performing a low back exam.  When you have mastered the skills to perform a back exam, ask a faculty to observe you performing a back exam and complete and sign the "Faculty Observed Back Exam" form, which is located on one side of the FMCard (page 20).  Return the signed card at the completion of the clerkship.  This direct observation is required and should be logged onto New Innovation as well. 

Your printed Case Logger report of procedures and encounters performed during the clerkship are due at the debriefing session, which is held on the last day of the clerkship.  The form will need to be submitted to the Clerkship Director for signature on the last day evaluation session.  Failure to do so will result in your not being able to take the final exam.

For step-by-step directions to log procedures the Case Logger and to print your report please see "New Innovations Log Book Procedures" in ANGEL; Family and Community Medicine Clerkship Summer 2013 Rotation.