Chris' Story

Christopher Millard

Christopher Millard's valiant fight against cancer was the inspiration for the creation of the Four Diamonds Fund.  His three year battle ended on December 21, 1972, on that same day his parents founded the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital.

The fund's name derives from "The Four Diamonds" story - an essay Christopher wrote shortly before his death.  The story tells of a medieval knight's quest for four diamonds - courage, wisdom, honesty, and strength - needed to overcome an evil sorceress.  Christopher's family believed the story was symbolic of his fight against cancer and identified the characteristics he needed in his cancer battle.

Excerpt from the Four Diamonds story...

"There are many famous tales of King Arthur's more illustrious Round Table members such as the renowned Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad. But one gallant knight was incredibly forgotten by the litterateurs that engaged themselves with these noble characters. He was Sir Millard, the worthy bearer of the magnificent Diamonus Quadrus (Four Diamonds). This account of Sir Millard's adventures was discovered in an old Welsh castle by myself while exploring the ancient ruins. It is a story of a young squire leaving his duties to find and prove his knighthood by some miraculous accomplishment."

To continue reading the Four Diamonds story in Christopher's original handwriting, please click here.