CRC Nursing Services

The CRC nursing staff welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with investigators throughout Penn State University to implement and complete clinical research protocols.

The nurse works as a clinical research facilitator to coordinate interdepartmental aspects of the protocol, draft standard forms and flow sheets, ensure availability of necessary equipment and supplies, prepare for study-specific procedures, and set up methods for participant screening, enrollment and follow-up.

The Clinical Scientist and the CRC Nurse work closely throughout the study to ensure proper and complete implementation of the protocol, precisely documenting interventions and participant response. A permanent CRC-based medical record is maintained as a source document for each participant. Research participants are seen in the CRC for research-related visits, not routine clinical care, but the Facilitator provides professional nursing assessment, education and referral, as needed, for the participant's concurrent health needs.

CRC nursing staff are available on a regular basis Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Studies requiring outpatient visits at other hours as well as inpatient studies can be accommodated.