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In certain conditions, endoscopy will be performed on an open access basis, when scheduled directly by the Primary Care Physician. When a consultation is required from the gastroenterologist for recommendations for appropriate tests or management, and for any of the exclusion criteria, the patient may be evaluated in an office visit prior to endoscopy. For urgent outpatient ERCP or EUS evaluation, please contact Eileen at 717-531-1470.

Open Access Endoscopy is provided to expedite the care of patients when the Primary Care Physician feels that the indication for the procedure is straightforward and the patient does not need an thorough evaluation by the gastroenterologist. The patient must be in stable good health (ASA level I or II). At the time of endoscopy, the attending physician in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology will obtain a brief history and perform a physical examination of the patient in order to determine the medical safety of the procedure and to confirm the indication.

A full consultation is not performed for open access endoscopy. A procedure report and interpretation of the findings will be mailed or faxed to the referring physician on the day of the procedure. Any additional reports (such as biopsy and cytology) from specimens obtained during the procedure will be forwarded when available. When referred via the Open Access Endoscopy system, the Primary Care Provider will remain responsible for the patient's care and for the interpretation of the clinical significance of any findings and for dispensing medical treatment or arranging subsequent referral or treatment. The members of the GI Division will provide advice when it is appropriate based on the abbreviated history obtained, and are available for discussion or consultation.

Exclusion Criteria for Open Access Endoscopic Procedures

In all of the following situations, open access may not be an option and the patient may need to be evaluated by a GI physician in our outpatient clinic. To request a consult and treat appointment in GI outpatient clinic, contact Central Scheduling at 717-531-1441 and fax records to 717-531-4977.

  • Patients requiring review of complex medical history and advice on appropriateness of endoscopic studies or treatment.
  • Patients requiring advanced therapeutic endoscopic procedures (such as therapeutic endoscopy, e.g pneumatic dilatation, laser, ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound,) stent placement, enteroscopy, PEG or liver biopsy.
  • Patients with complex or unstable medical condition, or patients on anticoagulation.
  • Conditions in which endoscopy is contraindicated include acute or severe diverticulitis, suspected perforation or fulminant colitis.

How to Schedule

  • Fax a completed endoscopy scheduling form to the endoscopy scheduling office. Fax number 717-531-4914.
  • Medications, allergies and other medical conditions must be completed. This will allow us to triage the patient appropriately.
  • The scheduling office will contact you and the patient with the date and time of the scheduled procedure.
  • Pre-certification must be obtained for the endoscopy if needed and forwarded to the endoscopy unit either by adding the authorization number to the request form and re-faxing or by calling the endoscopy scheduling office at 717-531-8364 with the information prior to the appointment.
  • Patients undergoing endoscopy, colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy (if sedation needed) must be accompanied by a driver as they will receive medication for sedation. 
  • Patients undergoing flexible sigmoidoscopy without sedation, esophageal manometry, prolonged pH probe recording or electrogastrography do not need an accompanying driver.

If the patient has questions or needs to cancel or reschedule, they should contact the endoscopy unit at 717-531-8364.

For questions or comments, please e-mail Mary Maiolo at or call 531-8741.