Global Health Education

Fourth Year Electives

PED 739 - Pediatric Cardiology with Global Health Experience

WHEN: October 25 - November 3, 2013  (Block 5). 
WHAT: Start Pediatric Cardiology Elective in Hershey and finish with 2 weeks during open heart surgery mission at Children's Hospital in Guayaquil Ecuador with outpatient clinics and exposure to post-operative patients on the hospital floor at local partner hospital.
WHO: 4 students, fourth year only 
COST: $800 for air plane ticket, lodging and board are free (breakfast, hot lunch, snacks)
HOW TO APPLY: fill out global health questionnaire, submit to Registrar's office with signatures, then first come-first served

PCMED 746 - Indian Health Service

This is a four-week primary care-related experience that enhances a general area of the student's interest, utilizing the basic functions of primary care, i.e., personalized first contact care, comprehensive preventive care, continuity of care over time, economy of care, and coordination of referral care. The student learns to appreciate the impact that the socioeconomic and cultural dynamics of a community have on health care delivery.   Contact Info: Phone: (717)531-4072

4th Year Medical Students: for a list of international rotations, contacts, funding, and websites see other tabs under "Travel Advice".

Global Health - PCMED 745 - Indian Health Service

PCMED 745 - Indian Health Service

Located in Cherokee, North Carolina  This is an opportunity for fourth year students to work with a unique, underserved domestic population.  Strengths of the rotation include engaging with a tribe that has rich history and culture, and working with a interdisciplinary team that uses an embedded model of community care (e.g. home-based care, social support services).  For further information please email Dr. Greg Caputo at  Dr. Caputo may be available to accompany the student for the first week of the trip to the reservation.

See the Center for Primary Care for further domestic options.

Global Health Scholars Program (GHSP) The GHSP is a special interest track for first year students selected through a competitive application process that utilizes the HUM 796A and PCMED 746 electives.  For further information about the GHSP please see the "Scholars Program" tab on this website or click here.

Other Global Health Fellowship Programs