Additional Global Health Educational Materials

Global Health Education Sites

The following is a list of useful educational links pertaining to global health topics.  Some of these sites also include videos of well-recognized leaders in global health affairs.

 Educational Content (modules, video series)

  • Ethical Challenges in Global Health Training (by Stanford)
  • "First, Do No Harm:  A Qualitative Documentary" by Dr. Tim Holland
  • AMSA offers an annual "Global Health Scholars Program" which runs from October thru April.  This is an opportunity to interact (via videoconferencing) with speakers on global health topics, participate in writing projects, and attend the AMSA annual convention. 
  • Global Health Education Consortium & GHEC Global Health Modules (The GHEC is in the process of developing 100 web-based modules on global health topics, and several are featured on this site.  These are excellent and well-written) 
  • USAID's Global Health Learning Center (The USAID Global Health eLearning Center offers a menu of courses that learners from many disciplines and positions can use to expand their knowledge in key public health areas and access important up-to-date technical information. The eLearning Center is available at no cost to learners and can be accessed 24 hours a day from any place in the world)
  • HIV Curriculum for the Health Professional  (Baylor Pediatric AIDS)
  • Johns Hopkins OpenCourseware (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has provided free educational content on a range of topics including epidemiology of infectious diseases, malariology, and tropical environmental health.  There is a great wealth of information on this site)
  • AAFP's Global Health Video.  A nice overview of the value family practice brings to global health.
  • "Sick Around the World" is an excellent series by PBS' Frontline that asks the question, "Can the US learn anything from the rest of the world about how to run a health care system?"  The series looks at 5 capitalist democracies and how they do it.  
  • The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (More video interviews and lectures on a broad range of topics)
  • Millenium Development Goals (videos), hosted by Millenium Promise
  • PBS:
  • Change is a group of faculty, students, and staff at the University of Washington who are exploring the role of information and communication technologies in improving the lives of underserved populations, especially in the developing world. 
  • Swiss TPH (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute) offers short course and advanced studies in topics related to global health.  

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