Faculty and Staff Resources

  • Graduate Assistantships.  This appointment provides tuition and a stipend; proper registration is required.

GURU Policy PRO6 GRADUATE ASSISTANTShttp://guru.psu.edu/policies/psu/PR06.html

  •  Offer Letter - Required for ALL assistantship holders (including Bunton-Waller Graduate Award recipients)

Graduate Lecturer/Researcher (Summer only; Fixed Term II):  https://guru.psu.edu/policies/PSU/Pr17.html

  • This is a stipend only appointment; no tuition is provided.  Students receive a paycheck at the end of June and at the end of July (as opposed to bi-weekly with an hourly wage appointment).
  • Memorandum of Personal Service required.
  • Typically, at the Hershey campus students are not required to be registered during the summer semester unless they are defending their thesis, taking their comprehensive examination.
  • Summer admits and other students who must be registered in the summer may apply for the COM Tuition Assistance Program (described below).  Tuition remission (up to 5 credits max) may be granted on a funds-available basis.


IBIS Forms

  1.  Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate - Form W-4. All so, see Policy PR13E
  2. Employment Eligibility Verification Form (INS Form I-9)
  3. University Intellectual Property Agreement
  4. Salary Deposit Request Form

Tuition Assistance

  •  SU10 COM Summer Tuition Assistance Program (for eligible COM graduate assistants/lecturers/fellows):
    • Deadline:  March 29,2 010