During Your Stay

In-Room Phones

For your convenience, there is no charge for local calls or calls to other extensions within the Medical Center. For calls to other rooms and departments inside the Medical Center, dial the four or six digit extension number. Local calls require “9” to be dialed first, followed by the telephone number. Long distance calls may be placed as collect calls or dialed directly using a calling card. To access a long distance operator, dial “9-0.” To access your phone card, dial “9-1” and then the toll-free number for your calling card service.

Cellular Phones

Cellular phones may interfere with clinical patient monitoring equipment. For that reason, use of cellular phones is prohibited in patient rooms and other patient care areas. Cellular phones may be used in any first floor lobby, the cafeteria or café, and waiting rooms throughout the Medical Center. Signs will indicate if cell phone usage is not allowed.

Calling Cards

Calling cards are available from vending machines located in the following areas of the Medical Center:

  • First floor (two locations): In the cafeteria and by the entrance to the Gift Shop
  • Second floor: In the Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Seventh floor: Inside the Ronald McDonald Family Room

All patient rooms and select visitor areas in the hospital and Cancer Institute have complimentary visitor wireless internet access. Access is available to patients and patients' visitors using laptops and mobile devices that can connect to the visitor wireless service.  Patients can select ATTWIFI from their available wireless network list, open their browser and sign in for free access.  Patients or patients' visitors requiring support can contact the AT&T support center at 888-304-9131.

As a service to our patients and visitors, there are three ATM banking machines available on the Medical Center campus.

  • Main entrance hospital lobby. This machine is operated by PNC Bank, charges no service fee, and is full-service.
  • Main entrance of the University Physicians Center. This machine is operated by Penn State Federal Credit Union (PSFCU), is full service for deposits and withdrawals, and does not charge a service fee for members of PSFCU.
  • First floor of the Academic Support Building (ASB) in the corridor by the Sunnyside Café. This machine is operated by PNC Bank, is only available for withdrawals, and charges a service fee to all non-PNC Bank customers.
  • East Campus near the Eastside Cafe.

Parking is free and available to patients and visitors at the Medical Center's main entrance.  Additional parking is available for visitors, and posted signs are located in the main lot directing visitors to the additional spaces.  Additional signage will be posted in the event of construction and special events, or parking lot and garage closures.  Parked vehicles that obstruct traffic, obstruct other parked vehicles, or hinder Medical Center operations may be towed at the vehicle owner's expense.

See our Campus Map for all parking locations or our Maps page for directions to each major building.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is available at the main entrance for patients and visitors for a nominal fee per vehicle. Those with a disabled designated vehicle may valet park at no charge. Valet parking is available from 5:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. After 5:30 p.m., your keys will be available at the main information desk.

After dark and upon request, security staff is available to escort visitors to personal vehicles on campus. Security can be reached at extension 8711 (or 717-531-8711 from outside the Medical Center).

Shuttle services are available to transport you or your visitors to many campus locations. For more information, visit our information desk or call extension 8080 or 717-531-8080 from outside the Medical Center.

The Patient Visitor Express shuttle provides service for patients and visitors between the Centerview Parking Garage, Main and North entrances.  Hours of service are Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


    Download the Shuttle GPS app for your smartphone.

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