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Diversity - Classroom

We are committed to the diversity of our employees, patients, students, and visitors.  We value & respect all persons and support an inclusive workplace and learning organization where all  persons can perform optimally.

Numerous diversity-related initiatives exist that are aligned with our four-point mission:  patient care, education, research, and community engagement.  Employees and students are encouraged to participate in these activities.

In addition to promoting diversity and cultural competence, my office strives to  be proactive in meeting the needs of our employees and the organization.  We help to ensure that all employees have equal access to employment opportunities and are treated fairly. 

Each and everyone one of us can benefit from a diverse workplace  with  diverse perspectives.  The medical center has various opportunities for persons who wish to grow and contribute  to the well-being of our patients.

Deborah C. Davis, DSW
Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity

Jessica Mullany, Physician Recruitment

Jessica Mullany, MHA
Associate Director, Physician Recruitment
Phone: 717-531-4706
Email: jmullany@hmc.psu.edu

Greg Emerick, Physician Recruiter Greg Emerick
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-4725
Email: gemerick@hmc.psu.edu
Heather Peffley, Physician Recruiter Heather Peffley, PHR, DASPR
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-6205
Email: hpeffley@hmc.psu.edu
Patty Shipton, Physician Recruiter Patty Shipton, DASPR
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-4703
Email: pshipton@hmc.psu.edu