Frequently Asked Questions

How does Penn State Hershey define diversity?

Diversity: Inclusive of All Cultures, Respect for Individuality, Appreciation for Uniqueness, Value Human-Kinds and -Minds.

How does Penn State Hershey demonstrate a commitment to diversity?

We are dedicated to a fair and respectful workplace. 

  • Throughout the employment cycle, we maintain compliance with federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations. 
  • We believe that recruitment is an investment in our future and we seek qualified and talent people with diverse backgrounds. 
  • We provide diversity training on an ongoing basis.
  • We offer numerous activities on campus such as lectures, educational workshops, special events and community involvement. 
  • The formation of the Dean’s Council on Diversity

What types of diversity training is provided to Penn State Hershey employees?

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity currently provides classes in Cultural Competency and Sexual Harassment Prevention.   Our training programs are an important component of our commitment to advocate for sensitivity and respect in the workplace.   

How does Penn State Hershey’s diversity impact the surrounding communities?

An important mission of PSH is service to the community.  Click here to learn more.

Does Penn State Hershey provide benefits for domestic partners?


What diversity resources are available in the community? 


What is affirmative action and how does it affect me?

Affirmative Action aims to adjust the employment imbalance of minorities and women. Where minorities and women are not present in the employer’s workforce and imbalanced with their availability (according to U.S. Census data), Affirmative Action seeks to bring their representation into balance through “Good Faith Efforts.”

What is equal employment opportunity?

Equal Employment Opportunity is the improvement of the economic and social conditions for minorities and women by providing equality of opportunity in the workplace. It prohibits restrictions, exclusions, discrimination, segregation and inferior treatment of minorities and women.

Are there any considerations for help with filling out a job application?

Yes. If an applicant requires assistance with filling out a job application, they should contact the Human Resource Service Center and arrangements will be made to assist the applicant.

Am I safe if I report a disability?

Yes. Penn State Hershey Medical Center is committed that all persons shall have equal access to employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance or qualifications.

What does this office do to help me with my complaints of discrimination or unfair treatment?

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity will hear your complaint and determine if there are grounds for further investigation.  If determined to be so by the facts presented, the Office will conduct a thorough investigation into allegations of discrimination or unfair treatment.

How do I file a claim of mistreatment/discrimination?

An employee should contact the Human Resources Department or the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Employment Equity. To help an employee better determine their first source of contact, please note below:

Office of Diversity, Inclusion
and Employment Equity

Discrimination of Any Type:

  • Age
  • Racial
  • Gender

Physical Harassment of Any Type:

  • Verbal
  • Sexual
Human Resources Office:


  • Performance Issues
  • Job Responsibility Issues
  • Issues concerning PTO/FMLA

Will my information be kept confidential?

Any complaint that is brought to the Human Resources Department or the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity will be kept confidential. Information that is deemed critical to the investigation may need to be shared on a “needs-to-know” basis.

What are “Good Faith” Efforts?

Any efforts to make all aspects of an affirmative action plan work. Efforts such as analyzing employment and recruitment practices as they affect equal opportunity, identifying problem areas, designing and implementing measures to address the problems.

Is there a policy for sexually offensive jokes?

Yes. The policy that addresses Sexual Harassment is HR11. As stated in the policy, any member of Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s community who experiences sexual harassment should immediately report the incident to the Human Resources Department or the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity.

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