Diversity Initiatives

Our Diversity-Related Initiatives are aligned with our four-point mission:  education, research, patient care, and community outreach.  Below is a sampling of activities.

In addition, our students are very active and involved in advancing diversity. 


  • Dean’s Council on Diversity - Advisory group to the Dean of the College of Medicine. Provide education and awareness to help create an inclusive campus.
  • Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity - Cultural Competency Training for faculty and staff.


  • NIDDK Short - Term Education Program for Underrepresented Person (STEP-UP) – Provide short-term research education and training for undergraduate students from racial/ethnic groups underrepresented in biomedical and behavioral research, and students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (SURIP) - Provide short-term research education and training for undergraduate students in biomedical and behavioral research, including students from racial/ethnic groups underrepresented in sciences.

Patient Care

  • Care Coordination - Language Line offers interpreter services for 150 + languages.
  • Chaplain Office - Provides spiritual support as requested by patients, staff, faculty and students of various religious denominations.

Community Outreach

  • Community Partners Program – expose minority high school students to various careers within the Medical Center.
  • Culture Club - Engage community in monthly evening meetings focusing on different cultures.

Student Support and Events

Student Support and Events

  • Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association - Enhance cultural awareness by introducing different Asian cultures to the community.
  • Multicultural Awareness Club - Foster diversity amongst student, faculty and staff.

Jessica Mullany, Physician Recruitment

Jessica Mullany, MHA
Associate Director, Physician Recruitment
Phone: 717-531-4706
Email: jmullany@hmc.psu.edu

Greg Emerick, Physician Recruiter Greg Emerick
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-4725
Email: gemerick@hmc.psu.edu
Heather Peffley, Physician Recruiter Heather Peffley, PHR, DASPR
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-6205
Email: hpeffley@hmc.psu.edu
Patty Shipton, Physician Recruiter Patty Shipton, DASPR
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-4703
Email: pshipton@hmc.psu.edu