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Achieving specialty certification is one of the best ways for our nurses to demonstrate advance knowledge and skills while receiving financial rewards. As a Magnet organization, we encourage and support you in achieving any credentials that are offered in your area of specialty. We are pleased to have over 500 certified nurses on staff in a wide variety of practice specialties.

Jessica Mullany, Physician Recruitment

Jessica Mullany, MHA
Associate Director, Physician Recruitment
Phone: 717-531-4706
Email: jmullany@hmc.psu.edu

Greg Emerick, Physician Recruiter Greg Emerick
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-4725
Email: gemerick@hmc.psu.edu
Heather Peffley, Physician Recruiter Heather Peffley, PHR, DASPR
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-6205
Email: hpeffley@hmc.psu.edu
Patty Shipton, Physician Recruiter Patty Shipton, DASPR
Physician Recruiter
Phone: 717-531-4703
Email: pshipton@hmc.psu.edu






"When I initially achieved my certification, I gained a great deal of knowledge while studying for the exam. I have since been able to use and share that knowledge over and over again with my colleagues to provide better quality patient care. In maintaining my certification, I am constantly searching for new knowledge and skills to improve patient outcomes. This gives me great job satisfaction. I am proud to be a Certified Nephrology Nurse!"

~Eileen Storm, RN, BSN, CNN, Hemodialysis Unit