Residency & Relocation Loans

There may be additional loan funds available to fourth year medical students to assist them with residency interview and relocation costs.  These loans are private loans and are subject to a check of the student's credit.  They are not part of the student's financial assistance for medical school.  The registrar certifies that the student is in the fourth year of their medical school program.  When choosing a lender for a Residency and Relocation Loan, students should consider the following:


    • fees
    • loan limits
    • interest rates and ceiling
    • grace period
    • capitalization policy
    • repayment benefits
    • customer service
    • on-line payment options
    • can you apply more than once

Some lenders allow more than one disbursement for these loans.  You may want to consider a disbursement for the amount needed for interviewing and a second disbursement later for relocation expenses.