The Office of the Registrar is happy to assist graduates with licensure applications.  Specific inquiries regarding licensure should be referred to the state in which you are applying.

You may forward your licensure application to this office for certification of medical education, etc.  If the license requires that you include an official transcript, we must receive that request from you in writing along with a check for $9.00, payable to PSU.  We will forward "official" transcripts to any institution or agency as requested.  "Official" transcripts are not sent directly to graduates or formerly enrolled students.

If the request also requires a notarized copy of your diploma, you must provide us with a photocopy of your diploma.  We will forward it to the licensing board with your other documentation.  If the application requires a photograph, please enclose that with your request.

Requests from program directors, hospital staff offices, etc. for certification of medical education may be mailed to the Office of the Registrar along with a signed authorization to release this information.  As dictated by Federal Law, information regarding academic records can only be released upon written consent of the graduate.