Student Health

Student Health/Disability Insurance Policy

In accordance with recommendations of the Association of American Medical Colleges, standards of the Licensing Committee on Medical Education, and requirements of clinical educational sites, the College of Medicine requires all medical students to have continuous health insurance coverage.

This policy is in place to maintain the health and wellness of our students and provide protection from the financial risk of health care expenses.

Student health insurance is billed to the student's account at the same time as fall tuition. At the beginning of each academic year, all students will be charged for the basic Penn State College of Medicine Administered Health Insurance Plan unless they enroll in the other Penn State College of Medicine Administered Insurance Plan or are granted an approved insurance waiver.

Students who are married and/or have eligible dependents may elect to enroll their dependents in the insurance plan by completing application and personally paying the required premium.

Students have the option of enrolling in one Penn State College of Medicine Administered Health Insurance Plan or requesting a waiver for an alternative health insurance plan. The selected insurance policy should provide the same minimum care as the "Basic Plan" and provide uninterrupted coverage throughout the year. A signed waiver form will be maintained in the bursar's office.

All students enrolled in the College of Medicine's educational program leading to an M.D. degree are required to have the disability insurance which is arranged through the College of Medicine.

The fee for disability insurance is charged to your student account, collected at the beginning of every academic year.  Coverage Certificates and Member ID cards for students are available HERE (enter 644220 in the ID box).