Welcome New MD/PhD Students Entering Fall 2013

  • Sa Do (John) Kang - Duke
  • Monica Manglani - Lafayette College
  • Oliver Mrowczynski - UCSD
  • Ruizhe (Jerry) Ren - Cornell
  • Tarik Salameh - Penn State Schreyer
  • Scott Tucker - Cornell

MD/PhD Second Look Day

Second Look Day was held April 18-20, 2013 for accepted students only.  This gives our accepted applicants and their families another chance to return to Hershey for a second look at our campus and community.  On Thursday April 18, applicants had the option of traveling to State College to meet with potential lab rotation faculty.  On Friday April 19 they met with faculty on the Hershey campus for the summer lab rotation and on Saturday April 20, they participated in the medical school's events for accepted medical students.

Student News

Shane Lloyd (G3)
July 2011:  Shane is conducting an experiment to study bone loss during space flight and has mice on board the Atlantis shuttle.  Shane will stay at Kennedy Space Center throughout the mission and will collect the samples when the shuttle returns.  He will then bring those samples back to PSCOM to complete the experiment.


Allison Cleary (G5)
Cleary AS, Leonard TL, Gestl SA, Gunther EJ (2014) Tumour cell heterogeneity maintained by cooperating subclones in Wnt-driven mammary cancers Nature 508(7494):113-7 PMID:  24695311