Research Program - Current Research

Melonoma Center - Current Research

Project 1:

Validate the preclinical effectiveness of targeting a variety of different targets in melanomas, as well as, identify novel targets to inhibit in combination to more effectively treat and prevent melanoma development.

Project 2:
Establish an expression profiling strategy for circulating metastatic melanoma cells that can be used for prognostic, and diagnostic purposes, as well as, for selecting more effective therapeutic regimes for patients.
Project 3:
Development of novel inhibitors and validate effectiveness in preclinical models of melanoma, which would form the underpinnings for clinical trials targeting these proteins aberrant in patients.
Project 4:
Develop novel nanotechnology for imaging, loading and delivering into disseminated metastatic melanoma cells present in preclinical animal models of melanoma.
Project 5:
Evaluate the clinical therapeutic effectiveness of novel inhibitors, alone, or in combination with the immune modulators in phase I clinical trials.