How to Apply

Interested applicants need to submit their information on line at  No curriculum vitae or applicants will be accepted outside of this web site.

Why the Fellowship Council?

Over 70 percent of our graduating surgery residents feel the need for postgraduate Fellowship training, and the advanced GI programs represented by the Fellowship Council offer them the certainty of the highest quality education experience. For a graduating surgical resident, the selection of the right Fellowship may well represent one of the most important steps in their entire career. The Fellowship Council was created to foster the development of high quality Fellowships in MIS, GI, Flexible Endoscopy, Bariatric and Hepatobiliary/Pancreatic surgery. The Fellowship Council has created stringent guidelines for the optimal education experience and implemented an accreditation process to ensure that our programs live up to these high aspirations.

The Fellowship Council represents 130 programs, approximately 90% of the postgraduate training programs in Advanced GI surgery in North America. The Fellowship Council influence is reflected in their close ties with the leading Surgical Specialty Societies including: SAGES, SSAT, AHBPA, and ASMBS. They are a critical member of the American Board of Surgery's sub-board of GI Surgery and are actively drafting training curricula in specialties for General Surgical residency training.

Deadlines for the opening and closing of applications are set by the Fellowship Council, but in general, the application process opens July 1 and closes September 1.  As part of the Fellowship Council, we participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) Match process.  Once the application on the Fellowship Council web site is closed, you will need to register with the NRMP on their web site, The NRMP's Specialties Matching Service conducts matches for advanced residency or fellowship positions.