Neurology Grand Rounds 2011-2012, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Intracerebral Hemorrhage Guidelines:  Politics and PedagogyLewis Morgenstern, MDSpecial Counselor to the Provost, Director of the Stroke Program, University of Michigan8/5/20112702A/B
Multiple Sclerosis - The 2010 Revised McDonald Diagnostic CriteriaAnthony Turel, MDProfessor of Neurology, Vice Chair of Clinical Trials, PSU8/12/20112702A/B
Case Presentation of a 33 year old Woman with Right Sided WeaknessCathy Adams, DONeurology Resident, PSU8/19/20112702A/B
Stroke . . . What If . . .?E. Eugene Marsh, MDSenior Associate Dean, Univ. Park Campus, Associate Director, PS Hershey Medical Group8/26/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  9/2/20112702A/B
Post Traumatic Stress DisorderRandon Welton, MDPPI/PSU9/9/20112702A/B
The Changing Landscape of Parkinson EpidemiologyHonglei Chen, MD, PhDAdjunct Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill9/16/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  9/23/20112702A/B
Serotonin SyndromeDavid Giampetro, MDAssistant Professor, Anesthesiology and Neurology, PSU9/30/20112702A/B
New Ways that Drugs Work at Old TargetsRichard Mailman, PhD.Professor & COM Distinguished Senior Scholar, Dept. of Pharmacology, PSU10/7/20112702A/B
Management of Medically Intractable Epilepsy in Adults & ChildrenEpilepsy Symposium (in place of GR)Univ. Conf. Center10/14/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  10/21/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  10/28/20112702A/B
Neurorehabilitation:  Focus on Multiple SclerosisDavid Good, MDProfessor and Chair, Dept. of Neurology, Director of Neurorehabilitation, PSU11/4/20112702A/B
11 Abnormal EEG PatternsPrabhu Emmady, MDNeurophysiology Fellow, PSU11/11/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  11/18/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  11/25/20112702A/B
The Systems Neurobiology of Stroke Recovery: Context, Connectivity, and Neural RepairSteven Small, PhD, MDProfessor and Chair, Neurology, University of California12/2/20112702A/B
Neurological Complications of Wegener's GranulomatosisRaju Maharjan, MDNeurology Resident, PSU12/9/20112702A/B
Neuromuscular Updates: The Top Ten for 2011Matthew Wicklund, MDProfessor of Neurology, PSU12/16/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  12/23/20112702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  12/30/20112702A/B
Advances in Management of Pediatric EpilepsyYuliya Zinger, MDPediatric Neurology, PSU1/6/20122702A/B
Postinfectious HydrocephalusSteven SchiffCenter for Neural Engineering, PSU1/13/20122702A/B
Small Fiber Polyneuropathy:  What's Burning?Max Lowden, MDAssistant Professor, Dept. of Neurology, PSU1/20/20122702A/B
NeuroscienceColin Barnstable, PhDCANCELED1/27/20122702A/B
Penn State Multiple Sclerosis ResearchGary Thomas, MD / Anthony Turel, MDDept. of Neurology, PSU2/3/20122702A/B
Update on Migraine Pathophysiology and ManagementCharles Flippen II, MDAssoc. Professor & Director of Adult Neurology, Headache Center, UCLA2/10/20122702A/B
A 69 Year-Old Woman with Muscle Pain and WeaknessHans Pinkert, MDAssistant Professor, Neurology, PSU2/17/20122702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  2/24/20122702A/B
Clinical fMRI:  An Update on ProgressPaul Eslinger, PhD/ Jian-Li Wang, MD, PhDProfessor, Depts. of Neurology, Neural and Behavioral Sciences, Pediatrics and Radiology, PSU3/2/20122702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  3/9/20122702A/B
PapilledemaWilliam Cantore, MDAssociate Prof. of Ophthalmology & Neurology, PSU3/16/20122702A/B
Neuromuscular Complications of Herpes ZosterLyell Jones, MDAssistant Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester,  MN3/23/20122702A/B
Clinical CasesRichard Tenser, MDProfessor, Dept. of Neurology & Microbiology, PSU3/30/20122702A/B
TelestrokeCharles Tegeler IV, MDProfessor of Neurology, Wake Forest University4/6/20122702A/B
Penn State Movement Disorder ResearchDr. Subramanian and Dr. Xuemei HuangDept. of Neurology, PSU4/13/20122702A/B
Poster DayNeurology Faculty, Residents, FellowsNeurology Dept., PSU4/20/20122702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  4/27/20122702A/B
Neurology for Non-Neurologist seminarVariousVarious5/4/2012Hilton Harrisburg, PA
Penn State Epilepsy ResearchJayant Acharya, MD, DMProfessor and Director, Adult Epilepsy Program, Director, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, PSU5/11/20122702A/B
Penn State Hershey Stroke Management, Neuroimaging, and OutcomesGregory Ferenz, DONeurology Resident, PSU5/18/20122702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  5/25/20122702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  6/1/20122702A/B
Dysferlin-linked muscle diseases - Insights gained from in vivo injury of skeletal muscleJoseph Roche, PT, PhD.Research Associate, Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine6/8/20122702A/B
Etat de malHoward Goodkin, MD, PhDThe Shure Professor of Neurology & Pediatrics, University of Virginia6/15/20122702A/B
Clinical Case ConferenceMartine Bernard, MDNeurology Resident, PSU6/22/20122702A/B
A Case of Rapidly Progressive WeaknessAiesha Ahmed, MDAssistant Professor, Dept. of Neurology, PSU6/29/20122702A/B