Headache Consultation

Penn State Neurology provides tertiary care outpatient headache consultation. Headache can be a symptom of another illness or can be a disorder in and of itself.   Dr. Stephen Ross, who leads this service, joined Penn State in 1999 and is board certified in Neurology as well as Headache Medicine. The primary focus of this service is to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment direction for you and your physician. It is extremely helpful if new patients hand carry their past medical records with them to the visit (including prior tests, cat scans, mri scans, list or prior treatments). Although the headache consultants do not provide long term ongoing care, there is a comprehensive management plan initiated and patients are provided options for ongoing care within the region. Education of headache sufferers is a vital and an important part of the visit. For further information about headache conditions, treatments and research, please refer to the links in the FAQ section.

  • To make an appointment: (717) 531-3828 (option 1 - Neurology, then option 2 - Scheduling)
  • Toll-Free Scheduling: (800) 243-1455 (Select option 1, then option 3 for Neurology)


Click here for a list of our Headache Consultation providers.