Movement Disorder

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Quilt Project

Quilt Project Registration Closes - with great success!

More than 700 people from 14 countries contributed panels to the Quilt Project. These panels, after being sewn into "blocks" that will make up the Quilt, will be displayed in the Creativity & PD (Parkinsons) Exhibit at the World Parkinson Congress 2010. Follow the Quilt Project on Facebook.

My daughter, Jeannine, and I designed and made a panel that would help me express my feelings about having PD. Everywhere black appears on the panel, it represents Parkinson’s. Starting at the lower left and moving toward the upper right hand corner, the colors represent the following:

  • Black - the diagnosis of Parkinson’s - overwhelming feeling of fear.
  • Dark blue – depression, loss, helplessness.
  • Orange - burning anger.
  • Purple - embarrassment about being handicapped.
  • Yellow – change of attitude-realization I still have time to enjoy my life.
  • Green – thankfulness for the loving support of family and friends.
  • Lavender - serenity and calm that comes with acceptance.
  • Pale blue - recognition of the gift of living each day.
  • The upper right section is where I like to be-even though the black still surrounds me-because there I am reminded, no matter what the diagnosis, the sun still comes up, flowers still bloom and HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.