Intraoperative Imaging

Intraoperative MRI is the newest technology available for the removal of brain tumors. Historically, these diseases were difficult to treat because there were few methods to precisely locate the tumor. Even with modern computer guidance, once surgery was started, there was always uncertainty whether any nearby brain was being injured or if any tumor was left behind.

At Penn State Hershey Neurosurgery at Wyoming Valley, the Intraoperative MRI System (IMRIS) is used to perform the majority of cranial surgery. IMRIS uses a rail mounted, mobile, 1.5 Tesla magnet that is coordinated with a computer guidance system. Surgery proceeds in a normal manner with standard instruments and techniques. At any time during the operation and without moving the patient, the scanner is brought into the room, pictures are obtained, and surgery can be resumed based on new information.

IMRIS gives a neurosurgeon nearly instant assessment of the brain during surgery. This is particularly important for brain tumor removal. Not only can critical areas of the brain be avoided, the extent of tumor resection can be accurately measured. This allows for a more complete removal while diminishing the chances for injuring normal brain or having to return to the operating room at another date.

Since IMRIS works inside a normal neurosurgical operating room, it is also used to examine the brain while performing aneurysm surgery, removing traumatic blood clots, and repairing congenital abnormalities. The newest application of IMRIS is to assess the spinal cord during surgeries for herniated disks of the neck or narrowing of the cervical spine. Like brain tumor surgery, this technology lets the surgeon monitor the brain and spinal cord near the site of the operation. This increases safety and reduces the likelihood of having to perform multiple surgeries.

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Hospital Admissions and Billing

Intraoperative Imaging is so far available only at Penn State Hershey Neurosurgery at Wyoming Valley. However, patients seen at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center can have surgery performed by their primary neurosurgeon at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. The post-operative care will be done by the staff who are at Wilkes-Barre. Like Penn State Hershey, this site always has neurosurgical coverage.

Inpatient admission and billing are therefore handled by Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and the Wyoming Valley Healthcare System. Penn State Hershey Neurosurgery at Wyoming Valley office can help facilitate the scheduling of any surgery. We normally recommend that prospective patients meet with the staff at Wilkes-Barre prior to their scheduled surgery.

In house Hospitalists and a full range of medical sub-specialties are available also to help coordinate care for any patients with complicated medical conditions who travel to Wilkes-Barre for their surgery. Most preoperative laboratory and radiologic screening can be performed at Hershey.