Penn State Hershey Nursing Community

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2014 Farm Show Update

Across from stands selling sausages and strudels, nurses from Penn State Hershey Medical Center check blood pressure, calculate Body Mass Indexes (BMI), and discuss smoking, physical activity, and healthy nutrition choices.  Nurses are seen chatting with visitors about the benefits of exercise as they walk on a treadmill.  If visitors walk 40 miles each day of the Farm Show's run, they will log 320 miles by Saturday - the distance between Harrisburg, PA and Virginia Beach. Along with the staff from CBS 21, nurses encourage visitors to take a pledge against texting while driving. On the other side of the Main Exposition Hall, other Penn State Hershey nurses administer free flu shots at the Pennsylvania Department of Health booth.  An annual seasonal flu vaccine is important to reduce the chances that one will get the season flu and spread it to others.

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