Medical Group

Our nursing services extend beyond the hospital walls to include patient care in our Penn State Hershey Medical Group clinics in the central Pennsylvania region.

A team known for its excellence and quality, the Medical Group is committed to Family and Community Medicine. Included in its vision is the goal to offer a comprehensive, integrated system of primary care services that will serve as a model for community healthcare throughout the region.

Depending on your position, services you provide may include:

  • Assessing patient and family needs.
  • Directly treating patients, or assisting primary provider.
  • Coordinating patient flow.
  • Obtaining specimens via phlebotomy, finger stick, throat screens, wet preps, etc.
  • Conducting lab studies of specimens and documenting results.
  • Taking measurements of vital signs, height and weight.
  • Developing plans of nursing care and collaborating with other professionals.


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Penn State Hershey Medical Group hires a variety of nurses including LPN’s and Registered Nurses to work both in the community and on campus. Specific qualifications apply for each position and are available by contacting us.

To speak with a Nurse Recruiter, please call (717) 531-5141 or email us at We eagerly welcome the opportunity to personally discuss job opportunities.