Educator Portfolio

Documenting What you do: Developing an Effective Educator Portfolio

This workshop is for faculty involved in teaching, curriculum development, assessment of learners, advising and mentoring learners and/or educational leadership and administration. It is an interactive session, designed to help faculty document the work they do as educators.  A published template for an educator portfolio (EP) that also incorporates professional goal setting and reflection to enhance one’s skills as a teacher will be shared.  At the beginning of the workshop, some brief background information will be presented to establish the value of keeping an EP.  The differences in format and use of a developmental and a promotional EP will be elaborated through large group interactive discussions. Working as dyads, participants will create several sections of their EP and reflect on the insights gained in completing this hands-on activity. In small groups, participants will then tackle the question of what information is necessary to demonstrate the quality and impact of one’s accomplishments as a teacher. Sample EPs will be provided to facilitate discussion.

Participants will leave the workshop with a published template for use in creating a complete developmental EP, a partially completed personal EP and a list of criteria that assesses the quality and establishes the impact of one’s teaching activities.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
1. State the differences between a developmental and a promotional Educator Portfolio (EP)
2. Develop several sections of their own educator portfolio
3. Outline strategies to effectively document the quality and impact of their activities as teachers


An Educator Portfolio Template is available at